Risks of anal masturbation in men

Oh, great. The fundamentalists are going to have a field day with this one. Gay men who bump uglies with 20 or more partners during their lifetimes are more likely to develop prostate cancer. And their risk of getting a non-aggressive cancer was five times more likely. So there you have it, fellas. You better be careful or cancer might get you!
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Anal masturbation

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Anal masturbation - Wikipedia

Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. All About Sex. How prevalent is heterosexual anal sex? No one knows. Anal sex has long been considered taboo--and in some quarters, still is--so people may not be honest when surveyed about it. But since the early s when receptive anal intercourse was identified as a key route of HIV transmission, research into anal sex, including heterosexual anal, has increased substantially, and all credible evidence suggests that hetero-anal has become increasingly popular.
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Everything You Want to Know About Anal Sex (But Might Be Too Embarrassed to Ask)

Anal masturbation is autoeroticism focusing on the anal area. For humans, common methods of anal masturbation include the insertion of fingers or sex toys such as butt plugs or anal beads. Stimulation with one or more fingers is most common. Anal masturbation can be pleasurable for men and women of any sexual orientation , as the anus contains many sensitive nerve endings.
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Anal sex is not everyone's cup of tea. The mystery and taboo that surrounds it might make it seem like the big thing everyone wants to try, but the bottom line is that some people like it and some people don't. So how can you tell if you do or you don't without doing, at least once? It's not like kissing, an activity that we explore through experimentation with others who we may not know or even particularly like.
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