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By forcing young African American boys and men to wear dress-like shirts, the owners of flesh attempted to feminize and humiliate enslaved males on a daily basis. By feminizing African American males, slave owners likely reassured themselves that they were the most masculine men on the plantation, which could be demonstrated, of course, by the rape and sexual abuse of enslaved women and girls. Unsurprisingly, the practice of withholding pants seemed to occur commonly on large plantations, where the concentrated number of slaves required constant surveillance and discipline. This was kept in place by a string tied around their waists. You just pulled one of them slips over your head and went on cause you was done dressed for the whole week, day and night. On some plantations boys wearing shirt-dresses were finally supplemented with pants during the coldest part of winter.
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5 horrifying ways enslaved African men were sexually exploited and abused by their white masters

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Men without Pants: Masculinity and the Enslaved – AAIHS

Additionally, the author points out that when animals were first domesticated to work for humans in various ways the idea arose that humans could be domesticated this way as well. We know now that this idea is false. But, slavery in the United States would evolve around the idea that blacks were animals that could be tamed by severe treatment. After the Moors are defeated in Spain oppression began to be developed on the basis of skin color. Also, the advent of the African slave trade pushed forward the idea that people with darker skin were inferior.
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Men without Pants: Masculinity and the Enslaved

Search Submit. This form of sexual abuse was very popular in the Carribean and it involved white supremacist and slave owners as well as merchants raping a male slave in front of the public to embarrass him and make him feel less of a man. Buck Breaking became very popular when slave rebellions had increased. Enslaved men were first stripped naked and flogged in front of a crowd after which they were raped by a white man to serve as a warning to other slaves.
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The topic of rape of the enslaved African men is one that the African-Diaspora community, and Africans back home, might shy away from. This is because it can hurt male pride. But the truth is that it must be discussed, for closure sake, and for history sake.
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